Coppieters Awards recognize those that stand for cultural diversity, minority rights, peace, democracy, and the right to self-determination

The Coppieters Awards are an initiative of the Coppieters Foundation to honour individuals and organisations that stand for the defence of cultural and linguistic diversity, inter-cultural dialogue, self-determination, the rights of minorities, peace, democracy and a united Europe

Warns Núria Franco-Guillén, Aberystwyth University (Scotland) during a lecture at the 2019 Summer School on National Minorities in Border Regions in Berlin

Op-Ed by Jan Rovny, Associated Professor at the Centre For European Studies of SciencesPo-Paris.

Coppieters academy keynote speaker, Isabel vilaseca, shares her views on climate action.

Op-ed by newly appointed Member of the European Parliament, Pernando Barrena, on the challenges of Europe in the upcoming term


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