Antonia Luciani reflects on gender inequalities and solutions to explore in order to build a Europe that is fairer to women.

Coppieters Awards recognize those that stand for cultural diversity, minority rights, peace, democracy, and the right to self-determination

Sinn Fein's leader on the COVID Crisis, Feminism and Diversity at "Voices from the periphery" our series of Global dialogues on peace, democracy and diversity

Op-ed by Krisztina Sándor, Vice-President of Coppieters Foundation

Secretary General of Coppieters Foundation speaks at online conference on Monopolies and Oligopolies, a peril for European Economies in the XXI century"

3-year term to expire in 2024 for a Bureau with gender parity and more diversity than ever before

Antonia Luciani, Secretary General of Coppieters Foundation, walks us through "Non-lieux" an exhibition on the impact of overexploitation of commercial malls for local economies.

Antonia Luciani, Secretary General of Coppieters Foundation, intervention at the 13th session of United Nations Forum on Minority issues , 20 November 2020 to discuss social media hate speech against minorities.


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