Coppieters 2024 General Assembly held in Brussels

News / 11.3.24

All members of Coppieters convened for the Annual Coppieters General Assembly on 7 March 2024, in Brussels. Serving as the principal statutory meeting of the year, the General Assembly provides a platform to address pivotal issues with our members and to vote on significant matters, such as joint activities for the upcoming year and the activity report of 2023.

The Coppieters Foundation warmly welcomed representatives from its member organizations across various regions to this year’s General Assembly in Brussels. The Foundation expresses its sincere appreciation for their active participation, which greatly contributed to the event’s success. Moreover, it provided an invaluable opportunity to receive feedback and learn about their ongoing initiatives.

On the sidelines of the assembly, our President Antonia Luciani delivered a speech for the 2024 International Women’s Day event organized by the European Free Alliance highlighting our Foundation’s commitment to advancing the feminist discourse in Europe.

Coppieters' Foundation President Antonia Luciani's address for International Women's Day 2024.