About Us / Structure

The Bureau gathers 4 times a year to manage the annual projects of the foundation, prepare the General Assembly and facilitate coordination of joint activities by Coppieters Foundation members.

The current Bureau was elected at the 15th General Assembly of the foundation held online on the 16th of October, 2020 (and partially renewed during the General Assembly of 13 May 2022). It is now composed of 12 members from 8 different EU member states:

  • Xabier Macías
  • Josep Vall
  • Antonia Luciani
  • Alan Sandry
  • Laura Marchig
  • Inaki Irazabalbeitia
  • Alix Horsch
  • Marianna Bekiari
  • Antonello Nasone
  • Ann Mares
  • Gonçal Grau
  • Krisztina Sándor

The 3-year term of the current Bureau expires in 2024.

The outgoing members of the first Bureau have been invited to become honorary members of the foundation.

  • Fabianna Giovanninni (Bureau member until 2011)
  • Pavle Filipov (Bureau member from until 2011)
  • Syd Morgan (Bureau member from until 2011)
  • Isabel Nonell (Bureau member until 2011)