Mon 15 Jun 2020

Conversations on Youth Participation

A series of discussions on youth political engagement, activism and rights in times of crises


“We are still facing a digital divide, and we, collectively, need to recognise it”

Op-ed by Sodfa Daaji, Volunteer at the European Network of Migrant Women


“Covid-19 restrictions will have long-term consequences on youth movements”

Op-ed by Dr Kostis Kornetis, Teaching Associate in Modern European History at the History Department of Sheffield University


The Future of Sustainable Energy

Challenges for renewable energies in Europe


Covid-19 measures: General Assembly online, office partially reopened, activities go on (as much as possible given the circumstances) !

Due to the recent Covid-19 measures we postponed our General Assembly and the office remains closed. Reach us at

Mon 20 Jul 2020

Europe: Federal or Confederal Future?

Roundtable by Eusko Ikaskuntza, ehGune, Ezkerraberri Fundazioa and the Coppieters Foundation


Nominations open for Coppieters Awards 2020

Coppieters Awards recognize those that stand for cultural diversity, minority rights, peace, democracy, and the right to self-determination


Political lives #1 Maurits Coppieters

POLITICAL LIVES is a series of biographies of remarkable politicians, scholars and activists that helped shape our societies throughout the XX century


Transforming Tourism

Regional perspectives on a global phenomenon


“Mayors of city centres must position themselves as leaders and thinkers for tomorrow”

Op-ed by Antonia Luciani, Secretary-General of the Coppieters Foundation

Thu 28 Nov 2019

Women's Empowerment and Democratic Politics

Workshop by the Coppieters and Josep Irla foundations


"Recognition, representation and reform would transform not just the fate of stateless nations but also that of the EU"

Op-ed by Maggie Lennon, member of the National Committee for Women for Independence


We Need to Be Critical of the EU’s Border Policy since Outsourcing Border Control Does Not Guarantee Respect for Human Rights

Warns Núria Franco-Guillén, Aberystwyth University (Scotland) during a lecture at the 2019 Summer School on National Minorities in Border Regions in Berlin



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