Fri 15 Oct 2021

Coppieters Awards Ceremony to Recognise Jill Evans and Nelly Maes

2020 and 2021 Coppieters Awards honour two women politicians of the Welsh and Flemish movements


“There is a question mark as to whether the European Commission’s proposed rules on AI are sturdy enough to ensure fundamental rights”

Op-ed by Sarah Chander, Senior Policy Advisor for European Digital Rights

Sat 04 Sep 2021

Towards a New Political Lexicon for Contemporary Europe

Conference by Istituto Camillo Bellieni and Coppieters Foundation


"Digital rights of minorities need to be re examined as the pandemic made digital even more prominent in our lives" Antonia Luciani at #NMBR21


“A political decision needs to be taken to bridge the gap in accessing the internet”

Op-ed by Simona Levi, Director of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Barcelona and Founder of Xnet


Women in the Executive Branch

A publication by the Coppieters and Josep Irla foundations

Sun 22 Aug 2021

2021 Summer School on National Minorities in Border Regions

Minorities and the New Digital Paradigm


“A law on minority languages adopted for the first time under the Fifth Republic!”

An op-ed by Le Peuple Breton’s Gael Briand

Wed 23 Jun 2021

Conversations on Digital Rights

Challenges of access and use of digital media in Europe


"We believe in the right to self-determination as an alternative to globalization" Antonia Luciani op-ed

Secretary General of Coppieters Foundation speaks at online conference on Monopolies and Oligopolies, a peril for European Economies in the XXI century"


"Sign it Europe, a second chance for minority rights"

Op-ed by Krisztina Sándor, Vice-President of Coppieters Foundation


“Nobody knows what is good for a region better than those who live in it”

Public and Constitutional Law Professor Wanda Mastor speaks in the framework of web series “The Impact of the COVID Crisis on Democracy and Europe’s Stateless Nations”



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