Tue 09 Jul 2019

Coppieters Academy 2019: Climate action in a changing Europe

9-11 JULY 2019 in BRUSSELS


"Media Shape Values, Attitudes and Identities"

Speech by Antonia Luciani, Coppieters Foundation Vice-President, at Minority Media event in Flensburg


Minority women in politics

The political participation and representation of minority and migrant women in Europe


The absence of Europe is contributing to European skepticism

Op-ed by Sandrina Antunes on the threats and opportunities that European democracy is facing


Brexit is specially worrying in a time where democracy worldwide is in retreat

Op-ed by Xabier Macias, president, and Ignasi Centellesis, coordinator, of the Coppieters Foundation.


Debates on Brexit, European elections, Feminism,and Self-determination at a 3 days event

Camilo Nogueira and Patxi Zabaleta are our 2019 Coppieters Award winners


The ghost of precarity in employment

Experts analyze the effects of precarity and present study on 'flexicurity'


The future of sustainable energy

What are the political obstacles to the transition to renewable energy?


Bodlore: The EU's inaction toward Catalonia leaves minorities unprotected

Mikael Bodlore, author of the Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe – Minority peoples in search for recognition, speaks on how the EU’s reaction to the Catalan self-determination referendum leaves European minorities even more unprotected.


Promoting safe and inclusive education

On 11 October MEPs Jill Evans and Julie Ward hosted an event on inclusive education at the European Parliament


Why diversity in media matters

Pilar Kaltzada reflects on why diversity in media matters


Is there a future for stateless nations?

Antonello Nasone reflects on the current crisis and a possible future


Drifting lives in the Mediterranean Sea

Ana Miranda, who was on board the emergency tow vessel Open Arms, has called for action to save refugee lives



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