Advisory Scientific Council

About Us / Structure

The Advisory Scientific Council evaluates past projects and prepares the roadmap for upcoming projects.

It also assesses the scientific quality of all Coppieters Foundation publications. Its role is to approve objective publications and give advice on conference content by approving the procedures and qualitative criteria to be followed by the researcher(s) to guarantee scientific sound results.

Members of the Advisory Scientific Council have an academic or scientific profile, covering many disciplines: history, sociology, economy, law, fiscal theory, sociolinguistics, linguistics, minority rights, and ethics, among other fields.

The Advisory Scientific Council (ASC) is currently composed by:

  • Alan Sandry – Adviser in the field of Political Science (Member since 2008)
  • Josep Huguet – Adviser in the fields of Contemporary History and Public Governance (Member since 2012)
  • Daniel Turp – Adviser in the fields of International Law and Self-determination (Member since 2013)
  • María do Carme García Negro – Adviser in the field of Applied Economics (Member since 2017)
  • Sandrina Antunes – Adviser in the field of international relations and self-determination (Member since 2019)
  • Kas Swerts – Adviser in the field of Historical research, archives and history of national movements. (Member since 2023)
  • Juan Carlos Longás – Adviser in the field of applied economics, regional economics, automobile industry and wage gap. (Member since 2023)
  • Fabiana Giovannini – Adviser in the fields of communication and the promotion of people’s struggles for self-determination. (Member since 2023)