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The Coppieters Foundation is looking for a new part-time Finance Officer for its Brussels office for a period of 1 year (renewable) as of September/October 2023.

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Working for the Coppieters Foundation means being part of a team of international professionals who share and live up to one vision: overcoming borders in Europe and in the world and respect for diversity and human rights.

Respect of values such as professionalism, integrity, innovation, environmental sustainability, equal opportunities and sensitivity towards cultural differences is important to become part of the team. Moreover, the ability to work in different languages will be crucial to adapt to each project’s specific needs.

Broadly, Coppieters is looking for multilingual experts in political and social science, economics, communications and public relations who want to share their previous expertise in governments and parliaments of all levels, international institutions, non-state actors (i.e. NGOs) as well as private companies.

If you wish to join the team, please send your CV in English to info [at] ideasfoeurope [dot] eu.