“We have to understand that technology is not neutral, and that we have to use it in an ethical and responsible manner”

Professor Iratxe Esnaola discusses ethical considerations of Artificial Inteligence

News / 03.10.22

Iratxe Esnaola, lecturer at the University of Deusto spoke at A Changing World: European Workshop on Geopolitics a 3 days event in Santiago de Compostela.

When we look at the the ethical implications of technology, artificial intelligence and free software we have to put the focus on several ethical issues.

In the case of artificial intelligence we should question whether such systems are socially fair or not, given that they use or they are trained with data sets from with data build that can replicate certain stereotypes & biases.

And that’s why we have to examine the data we use to generate machie learning processes in order to avoid any discriminations pre-existing discriminations.

This maybe sounds simple, but it’s not as simple as it seems, it requires a thorough analysis of the data we need, data needs to be collected and what type of biases we have in-build in datasets generated in other contexts.

It is important to ensure that artificial intelligence systems are socially fair, and we have to consider that element when working with machine learning algorithms.

Regarding free software,  using proprietary software or free software is not a technical issue,  it’s not a technical decision. It’s an ethical and a political decision.

When we using free software, the systems empowers the users, therefore, this is can empower the digital citizens.

We have to understand that technology is not neutral, and that we have to use it in an ethical and responsible manner.

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