A European Basic Income

Study presentation - Barcelona, 31 May 2023

News / 13.6.23

On May 31, 2023, together with Irla Foundation, we hosted the presentation of the study “A European basic income” drafted by Jordi Arcarons, Daniel Raventós, and Lluís Torrens, in Barcelona. The presentation followed, a roundtable with experts in the field. Economists Daniel Raventós and Lluís Torrens, former member of the Catalan Parliament and first driver of basic income law project Carme Porta and member of ORAIN! Itziar Guerendiain discussed the study and the concept of a European basic income.

Through the diversity of the roundtable, we were able to explore the different socioeconomic aspects of a European basic income.

Itziar Guerendiain discussed the fundamental role social movements can and should play to assist the efforts towards the implementation of a basic income. As she mentioned, different movements have, each, something unique to offer in the fight for a basic income and can mobilize the social claim so that it can reach a more institutional political sphere.

Carme Porta spoke on the importance of basic income for the feminist agenda. She noted that in a society where there is a wage gap between men and women, a significant glass ceiling in the workplace and a lack of access to jobs for women. It is clear that we need a basic income, for all to be able to afford the basics.

Sergi Raventós underlined the importance of implementing the basic income policy now, at a moment when it is more obvious than ever that all of the subsidies and benefits have not managed to lower the poverty rates –  which have been around 20% for the last 20 years.

Daniel Raventós  argued that this study proves how a basic income is perfectly feasible at the European level if we base it on three taxes. A reform of the income tax, a wealth tax, and a carbon tax.

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