“I still believe we can reform Europe” says David Grosclaude

News / 31.8.16

“I still believe we can reform Europe. It is clear that the current architecture of the EU doesn’t suit our needs” claimed European Free Alliance’s Vice President, David Grosclaude, after a debate on multilevel economic governance, alternative models, new forms of political participation in Europe organised jointly by the Fundación Galiza Sempre and Centre Maurits Coppieters.

He send another strong message: “EU focus should drift from the economy to the people […] We need a democratic reform; to grant more powers to the European Parliament; to create a second chamber, a chamber of the peoples, and a true executive with control over the European Central Bank.”

Grosclaude was very firm about the increasing importance of intergovernmentalism in the decision-making processes at the EU level and claimed that “we need to end with the Europe of the 28 member states […] because they decide without taking Europe’s peoples into account and use Europe as a scapegoat when things go sour”.

He believes the time has come for a “political Europe [..] to protect diversity and to tackle the climate and refugee crises that will require us to act with a single voice”.  Europe needs to set an example with environmental and energy policies as well as a humanitarian welcome for migrants” he concluded, while warning of the dangers of the rising extreme right if Europe would do otherwise.