We should forget about universalism and embrace multiversalism, Russell argues at “Internationalism vs globalism” conference

News / 29.10.13

Elisabeth Russell, Professor at the Rovira i Virgili University, took the floor at the conference on Internationalism vs Globalism in Barcelona where she explained some of the key finding of his most recent research in the field of  Women’s studies, feminist theory and the analysis of national iconography from a gender perspective.

She believes that construction of national identities in the XIX and XX century is based upon the adoption of national symbols with mostly manly features. That is the main reason why she advocates for identities in general and national identities in particular should be build upon other values, embracing feminine features and with a more plural understanding of the society. For that reason she introduces the concept of multiversalism and opposes it to the idea of universalism: a way to understand universal symbols of a nation accepting, recognizing and protecting its own diversity.

To her, recognizing diversity in an international level implies abandoning also the idea, concept and ideology of globalism. Because it is the  cause of the merging of every specific culture’s features in a cultural melting pot. Instead she advocates for internationalism: Bringing every culture into the international arena in equal footing with the others.