“We are the self-determination generation” Young activists and policy makers debate the #FutureOfEurope

News / 23.10.13

Last week (17 October 2013) youth activists and policy makers gathered in Corte (Corsica) to discuss youth policies, young people empowerment strategies, political involvement of the youth in the decision making process, new forms of activism  and the democratic challenges that Europe faces in 2014.

The Centre Maurits Coppieters had the opportunity to interview some of them to find out what their views on Europe, youth policies, human rights and cultural diversity were.

This is what they told us:

Youth activist  Antonia Luciani thinks that Programs like Erasmus make Europe tangible for young people

“Devolution and more autonomy is not a goal, is the means to solve the problems we face: economic crises, housing, jobs and opportunities for young people ” Youth activist Eva Paelinck shares her views on the #FutureOfEurope

“2014 Independence referendum in Scotland is a chance to break with the past and create a new and better nation” “the most exciting time to be alive ever” says Fraser Dick a young activist from the Scottish National Party student branch.

“Youth should be involved in the decision making process and decide on what matters to them” says Araba Parliament Member Lorena López de Lacalle

“EU went from euphoria to pessimism. We need to invest in the youth to re-draw the ” Says Member of the european Parliament for the Greens/EFA group François Alfonsi

Young activist Jon Karstoft shares his views on the and social models of redistribution, he thinks that “Scandinavia is a proud example of a social welfare state that works”

“We are the self-determination generation” says Roccu Garoby president of the European Free Alliance youth.

“There is a parallel between the need of Europe’s regions and nations and the needs of Europe’s youth” Says Sybren Posthumus “They both need their right to decide to be respected”

Culture, politics, activism, environement: The fights that will shape the , says member of the Corsican Assembly Jean Cristophe Angelini

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