“UN should be a reference for all organizations in favour of the values of Peace, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution”

Xabier Macias, President of Coppieters Foundation

News / 30.1.23

A delegation from Coppieters Foundation, headed by its president, Xabier Macias, has intervened in the session of the Committee of NGOs of the Economic and Social Council – ECOSOC – of the UN, to defend its candidacy to be recognized as a consultative entity of this organization.

During the Session of the ECOSOC NGO Committee that took place between January 23 and February 1 at the United Nations headquarters in New York, he addressed the representatives of the member states to present the Coppieters Foundation and the main milestones of its 15-year career.

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It is an honor for me to speak at this session of the Committee on NGOs, at the United Nations.  I am here today representing the organization I chair, the Coppieters Foundation, an European think tank based in Brussels, Belgium, that submitted its application to be accredited with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), four years ago, in December 2018.

The Coppieters Foundation was founded in 2007 to work in the field of thought and ideas, defending the values of democracy, diversity, human rights, the rights of peoples, equality, solidarity and social inclusion. Currently, we define ourselves as an institution focused on the analysis and research of European and global affairs that aims to develop new ideas on issues such as multilevel governance and constitutional reform processes; participation in public affairs and the improvement of institutions; the management of cultural and linguistic diversity; environmental challenges; peace and the achievement of a just international order.

After accumulating a good working experience in the European context, in 2018 we considered the time had come to expand our space of intervention to the global sphere and, specifically, to the United Nations, which led to our candidacy to the ECOSOC consultative status.

This endeavor is also related to our concern about certain trends in today’s world, especially those related to the weakening of democratic systems or threats to human rights, in addition to the environmental risks and economic and social sustainability arising from the climate crisis.

In this context, we consider the United Nations as an essential space for the defense of peace, human rights and conflict resolution, and we understand that it should be a reference for all organizations that are in favor with these values.

We work to promote research, debates and training activities that respond to or provide elements of reflection on issues of social relevance such as the reduction of inequality, women’s rights, environmental protection or the quality of citizen representation. We intend to work rigorously and closely with those who are affected by these social unfair situations, such as those generated by racial, gender or cultural identity discrimination.

With this in mind, we use an open and collaborative methodology: every year we open a public call for projects. Among all those received, our Board of Directors selects, independently and with transparent criteria, those that will be part of our work plan. We have managed to directly reach more than 20 European territories with our activities, and we have cooperated and stablished partnership mechanisms for the joint organization of activities with many socio-cultural entities and local civil society associations.

At the Coppieters Foundation we also attach great importance to the technical quality of our contributions. We have a Scientific Advisory Board, composed of experts in fields such as history, sociology, economics, law, sociolinguistics, minority rights and ethics, among others. Academics from more than 25 universities and research centers have participated directly in our projects, and our publications are received by more than 200 recipients worldwide.

I would now like to refer to areas of ECOSOC activity in which we have accumulated greater experience through conferences, research, training activities and publications. I would highlight, in this regard: governance, legislation and international agreements; education, youth and culture; sustainable development; gender equality; or economic and social issues. I am also pleased to inform you that since 2022 we have included in our annual call for projects the obligation to link the proposals submitted to us with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, thus contributing with our work plan to the 2030 Agenda.

Finally, I would like to emphasize our commitment to transparency, a commitment that we have sought to demonstrate in our responses to the questions posed by this Committee to clarify aspects relating to the members of our organization; to our legal status, finances and activities. Four years after submitting our application, we have decided to attend this meeting of the Committee in person to make ourselves available to its members in the hope of advancing the knowledge you need to make a proper assessment of our Foundation. I reiterate our commitment to the values embodied by the United Nations; our independence of action and our high motivation and enthusiasm to be accredited before the ECOSOC, to collaborate in whatever way we can be useful.

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