Two new think tanks join Coppieters’ network

News / 22.4.15

After a few months of negotiations The Ezkerraberri Fundazioa and the Fundació Nexe became formally full members of the Centre Maurits Coppieters during its 2015 General Assembly (Bautzen, 18 april 2015) . With this  decision – taken by unanimity in both cases –  the Centre Maurits Coppieters enlarges its network to 11 full members and 5 associated members from 8 different EU members states.

The Nexe Foundation has the sponsorship of the Bloc Valencia yet they are not organically link. Their main mission is to contribute to a better society (mostly in Valencia,where they are based) by generating and disseminating progressive debates and ideas.

Former Member of the european Parliament, Iñaki Arazabalbeitia, spoke on behalf of the Ezkerraberri Fundazioa during the proceedings and defended its candidacy. the mission of the Aralar linked think tank is to contribute to public debates with a leftist outlook and to advocate for a change of economical, social and institutional model.

You can know more about the think tanks that support the Coppieters’ in our members tab.