“The right to decide doesn’t need to be sanctioned by a law” Josep Maria Terrticabras

News / 29.9.14

The conference The Right to Decide in the 21st Century: Scotland, Catalonia and beyond was held last 25th September 2014 in the european Parliament. MEP and philosopher  Josep Maria Terricabras opened the debate quoting the 1784 essay of Immanuel Kant on “What Is Enlightenment?”– comparing the process of self-determination to the process of man’s emergence from his self-incurred immaturity, stating that the right to decide is pre-existent to the normative definition of it.

With his interpretation of Kant, he claims that the Right to Decide it’s a natural right of all People: In Democracy the right to decide exist prior to the existence of the laws and not the other way around.  Therefore it should take preference if there is a contradiction with the Laws.

To become civilized citizens we have to enlighten our ideas –he concluded–

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