The General Assembly gives Green light to new projects #Coppieters15

News / 04.5.15

Centre Maurits Coppieters‘ 9th General Assembly ran from April 16th until April 18th.  in Bautzen (Lausatia) and was organised jointly the European Free Alliance (EFA), the European Free Alliance Youth (EFAy) and the host party of the Lausitzer Allianz. The event proved to be a great success since it sought to put emphasis on the accomplished work of Coppieters throughout the last year, as well as to shed light on the achievements of the members and other stakeholders.

Additionally, important inter-organisational links were strengthened as the annual event brings together Centre Maurits Coppieters’ members and associated think tanks and experts from all across Europe. Together we reviewed the most recent achievements, discussed the current state of play and  strategic statutory decisions on the future of the organisation.  In this regard, the Centre Maurits Coppieters is happy to welcome two new members in our midst: the Fundació Nexe and the Fundazioa Ezkerraberri .  Green light for new members and projects:

The event was also an opportunity to hold several fringe meetings, workshops, round tables and debates like The Coppieters’ Bureau and Advisory Scientific Council (a network of experts overseeing the scientific quality of our publications and policy papers) . Also Coppieters’ President, Xabier Macias, delivered a speech and presented the 2014 Activity Report in the presence of EFA President François Alfonsi.

Participants to the Dinner-Debate  enjoyed Johan Häggman as a keynote speaker – he is a  former member of the European Commission and expert on linguistic diversity and multilingualism in the EU. He spoke on “Regional and Minority Languages: What can the EU do? and why it should” and was later followed by comments of Advisory Scientific Council members which and a lively debate on the status and process of linguistic minority right protection in the EU.

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