“Talking about Democracy in the XXI Century it is talking about the Right to Decide” said Jaume Lopez

News / 05.11.14

Jaume Lopez presented his study -“Qualitat Democràtica per a un nou Estat”- at the Right to Decide Conference organised in Barcelona by the Centre Maurits Coppieters and the Fundació Irla the 17th October 2014. To explain the aim of his study he stated that – “To talk about the Right to Decide it is to talk about the quality of Democracy” -.

The quality of Democracy it is what people promote when they ask for the possibility to exercise their Right to Decide. Jaume Lopez, recalling the arguments depicted in his study, explains that the quality of Democracy passes through “the three dimensions of Democracy”: Participative Democracy, Direct Democracy and Representative Democracy.

He concluded underlining that “we have to be aware that talking in the twenty-first century about Democracy it is talking about the Right to Decide.”