Series of interviews conducted at Expolangues 2013

News / 23.5.13

Following the presentation in Strasbourg and Brussels, CMC brioght the case for a cultural footprint to Paris. The conference proposed to discuss the concept of ‘cultural footprint‘ and examines its political implications.

For the occasion we prepared a series of interviews with the keynote speakers and other stakeholders present at the fair in Paris.

You can find them all in our vimeo channel or below:

Manuel Bragado on the Galician language

Chusé Antón Santamaría explains the situation of languages in Aragon

Jordi Baltà on the “Cultural Footprint”

Carles Torner on cultural diplomacy

Günther Dauwen advocates for higher protection of linguistic minorities

Miren Azkarate supports the idea of a multilingual Europe

Loeiz Le Bec explains the evolution of the bretton language

Paul Molac on linguistic diversity in France