“Scotland’s victory is holding the referendum” says Josep Hughuet

News / 19.9.14

Scotland has decided by a small margin not to become independent. They did so in the framework of a democratic independence referendum that was agreed with the UK government, it would be desirable that this scheme is followed in every European State where the same kind of questions arises.

Despite the result, which reflects the legitimate views of the Scottish people, the Scottish case represents a precedent for other European peoples seeking to build their own state. If  others want to follow the same democratic path and pursue a the creation of a newly independent country they should be allowed to do so in the same way the Scottish people did within Great Britain.

Having said this, I think it is worth underlining how the pro-union political parties that backed the  “Better Together” campaign committed themselves to listen to the massive claim for a greater degree of autonomy. Therefore new devolution laws, granting Scotland tax and financial powers and also a greater degree of recognition of their identity, are to be expected: Scotland’s victory is holding the referendum.

Josep Hughuet – President of the Fundació Josep Irla and Scientific Councelor of the Centre Maurits Coppieters.