New content available: Stateless Nations Geopolitics

News / 15.6.15

New content is now available on the website the Stateless Nations Geopolitics project, which was officially launched after the 2015 General Assembly in Bautzen, Lausatia.

The Stateless Nations Geopolitics (SNG) project, which is lead by the Fundación Aragonesista 29 de Junio and CIEMEN,  studies and analyses European national minorities that do not have an independent state for their self-government. That is why they are called “stateless nations”, a name that does not entail any pre-conception about the collective will of the communities thus considered. Sovereign states and nation states are studied by political science from the point of view of their physical and political geographic reality. So far geopolitics have only addressed the study of the relative position of the independent states of the world with regard to their challenges and opportunities, their assets and their weaknesses.

In the tweet below President of the Centre Maurits Coppieters  Xabier Macias, launches an invitation to learn more about Europe’s stateless nations: