Militarization, not the answer to terror attacks

News / 16.2.16

Chakir El Homrani, Member of the Catalan Parliament, and Antonia Luciani, Vice President of Centre Maurits Coppieters, discussed the issue of migration, the war on terror and the refugee crisis at a recent seminar in Barcelona, co-organised Fundació Josep Irla and the Centre Maurits Coppieters.

According to El Homrani, states have to invest in integration policies rather than police control. “Police, armies and security won’t solve the refugee crisis and the so called war on terror” he claims, while advocating for a greater focus on social cohesion, rather than border control.

He also believes that allowing higher deficits for defense budgets is a mistake when reacting to terror attacks, such as in Paris; “we are not thinking about the real causes of the problem.” He believes that “reflection on the roots of the situation is of utmost importance”

Watch the full interview here [FRENCH / CATALAN]: