“Having a credible plan will help bring voters along to support Independence” says Jason Sorens.

News / 04.11.14

Jason Sorens intervened at the Right to Decide Conference organised in Barcelona by the Centre Maurits Coppieters and the Fundació Irla. In his speech he advised, for the people promoting Independence, to appeal to voters. “It’s important to show how Independence will improve their quality of life,” he said.

Voters in most countries are interested in policies that benefit their life chances, their income and their quality of life. For this reason it is very important to show people that secession don’t have to be risky. It is very important, in this sense, to reduce the incertitude associated with the process.

“Secessionist campaigners should also show how the status quo is risky”; In Scotland this represent an issue because Britain could in the next future withdraw from the EU. The lesson for secession campaigners is to focus on people.

He underlined the importance of adapting pro-growth policies for a new country: the confidence of investors is one of the factors which could make credible a plan for transition toward a future state.