EFA director,Günther Dauwen, shares his views on the outcome of the 2014 European Elections

News / 01.5.14

28 European Free Alliance (EFA) member parties will run for office in the May European Parliamentary (EP) elections. They will keep working for more self-determination in Europe. They will keep defending EFA ideals, and enlarging the number of our MEPs (Members of the European Parliament). It is time for self-determination, it is our TIME!

The EFA reflects a general trend across Europe: ancient nations, regions and peoples, currently under the jurisdiction of various states, are increasingly calling for enhanced autonomy or outright independence. They want to bring decision-making powers back home. In 2014, after the EP elections, we will witness two independence referenda that may well redraw the borders of the United Kingdom and the Spanish state and reshape the map of Europe as we know it.

For the EFA the issue of self-determination takes centre stage. For us, the era of the imperial, artificial nation-state, held together by force, is over.

We urge the European Union to prepare itself to welcome new emerging states, we urge European decision makers to start preparing for internal enlargement – a juridical concept coined by EFA MEP Neil MacCormick and further developed by the Maurits Coppieters Centre.

It is high time for self-determination! It’s time for a Europe of the Peoples!

Article by:

Günther Dauwen
Director of EFA