Coppieters Foundation Elects New Board

3-year term to expire in 2023 for a Bureau with gender parity and more diversity than ever before

News / 24.12.20

The election of the new Bureau took place during the foundation’s 15th General Assembly, held remotely on 16 October 2020. Three new members joined the board, bringing it to 12 members from 9 different EU Member States.

The new Bureau gathered for the first time, remotely, on 11 December 2020, and agreed to reconfirm Xabier Macías as President, Antonia Luciani as Secretary-General and Iñaki Irazabalbeitia as Treasurer. Josep Vall and Alan Sandry remain Vice-Presidents.

Ann Mares and Krisztina Sándor become Vice-Presidents for the first time.

The Coppieters Foundation takes pride in this new Bureau, one that guarantees even more gender balance and a representation of more nationalities in this body, both of which are of crucial importance to the foundation. The current board is composed of six men and six women, and parity is also reflected in the composition of the group of Vice-Presidents. A Hungarian national has also joined the Bureau, allowing the latter to benefit from the expertise and experience of a Central-European citizen.

The Bureau gathers four times a year to manage the annual projects of the foundation, prepare the General Assembly and facilitate the coordination of joint activities by the foundation’s Members. The three-year term of this new Bureau will expire in 2023.

Congratulations again to the new Bureau members! The Coppieters Foundation looks forward to working with them in the years to come to develop the activities and networks of the foundation, grow ideas and strive for a fairer and more democratic Europe.

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