News / 06.9.11

2nd edition of CMC Publication on Internal Enlargement now available for download HERE

You can also pre order a phisical copy of the text (shipping starts 22 October 2011) by the professors Jordi Matas, Alfonso Gonzalez, Jordi Jaria and Laura Roman. Rediscover their analysis, with a comparative perspective, of several legal cases involving partition of sub-central bodies in federal or para-federal states.

Their aim is to forecast the legal consequences for the European Union in the event of secession or dissolution of a one of its member states.

This study is needed because the political dilemas in some countries could, in the near future, bring to the situation in which the European Institutions would need to confront the Secession or Dissolution of a Member state and the current treaties haven’t foreseen such a situation. That’s why it is of a special importance that we draw the guiding principles of a European answer.