“Citizens should be more involved in the EU’s decision-making process” Günther Dauwen says

News / 12.7.14

In the framework of the New challenges for a new Parliament conference, Günther Dauwen, Secretary of Centre Maurits Coppieters,made a call to the European political foundations to get together for a more regular exchange of views on the developments of major importance for the EU, such an in this case to make an analysis of the major events observed during the European elections and campaign.
To him, these elections are relevant because for the first time stopped the ever descending turnout actually increased by 0,9%, and all that after years of economic crisis and loss of confidence in the Institutions. Also because this election represents an attempt for the European Parliament as institution to regain more power and credibility vis-avis the Council and European electorate.
Another important element in his analysis is the increasing support towards far-right parties and euroscepticism, he argues that this could reduce spaces for cooperation and compromises between the pro-european political families. Mr. Dauwen underlines that the election of the spitzencandidaten for the Commission Presidency is an important first step to achieve a stronger democracy in Europe yet he acknowledged important shortcomings such as a lack of European electoral law, European circumscriptions or transnational lists before achieving a truly integrated party system.

In the second part of his Intervention, Günther Dauwen made the case for a stronger fight against the multinational corporations and their lobbies.

“We have to fight the vested interests in the EU” (Günther Dawen, Brussels, 8 July 2014)

Later, he discussed the upcoming referenda in Catalonia and Scotland. To him, the European Parliament has a decisive role to play to ensure a non-disrupting transition of these countries towards full EU membership through Internal Enlargement .
He believes the current structure of the European Union is solely focused on Member States’ interest that part of their democratic values they are missing by forgetting the will of the peoples and individual citizens involved in the EU building process. That is why he calls for recognition of true diversity in Europe.

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