Call for 2017 project proposals (Deadline 6 January 2017)

News / 26.10.16

The procedure for deciding on our 2017 projects is now open, you are welcome to send project ideas and project proposals of your interest by 6th January 2017 (or 20 December 2016 if submitted in any other language different from English). The projects received will be discussed and approved by the Coppieters Bureau in their next meeting (20th January 2016)

Should you be interested to submit a project proposal please do so by filling in this Project Submission form .

Note that eligibility criteria for Centre Maurits Coppieters funding are set in the Bureau 8th December 2010 decision and reviewed at the 25th January 2013 Bureau decision. When submitting a proposal please note that it has to comply with as many as possible of the following criteria:

• Projects should have a political impact (meaning with policy implications and/or analysis) rather than a cultural outlook
• Projects should have an European scope
• Projects should ensure a good quality outcome
• Projects should be easily communicable
• Projects should have some co-financing by any local counterpart / member
• Projects should not go against EFA objectives (namely, respect for democratic values, diversity, peace)
• Projects shouldn’t be granted to same researchers in consecutive years.
• Priority will be given to those projects already approved in previous years.
• Projects’ budget shouldn’t allocate provisions to human resources or coordination.

CMC has 3 main pillars of action, (1) political and socio-economic studies, (2) historical studies and philosophy and (3) direct interactions with EU institutions.

You are welcome to think of other projects that do not necessarily fit in any of the above mentioned outcomes: series of interviews, media work, archiving services, other sort of services or websites are atypical, but also eligible for funding.
Given our experience with implementation of projects, we have set up financial guidelines for your consideration:

(1) CONFERENCES have an approximate costs of 5.000,00 to 15.000 EUR

1.000,00 to 5.000,00 EUR – Travel costs and accommodation
2.000,00 to 4.000,00 EUR – Interpretation (English <> second language)
2.000,00 to 4.000,00 EUR – Interpretation facilities (booths, headphones, micro)
1.000,00 to 3.000,00 EUR – Media insertions + printing materials

(2) STUDIES have an approximate costs of 10.000 EUR

1.000,00 to 5.000,00 EUR – Drafting of the text and research.
3.000,00 to 7.000,00 EUR – Translation into English / French.
4.000,00 to 7.000,00 EUR – Publication and mailing

(3) PODCASTS have an approximate cost of 4.000 EUR

1.000,00 to 2.000,00 EUR – Travel costs and accommodation
1.000,00 to 2.000,00 EUR – Video editing

(4) VIDEO have an approximate cost of 10.000 EUR

1.000,00 to 3.000,00 EUR –  storyboard
3.000,00 to 8.000,00 EUR – video editing


Centre Maurits Coppieters strives to ensure that all projects are co-financed by project applicants or other project partners in the form of project contributions (either direct or in kind).

For the co-financing of projects, the desirable project contribution is set at 15% for CMC members, 30% for associated members and 50% for non-members.

Finally, note that that CMC is 85% funded by the European Parliament. Therefore, the implementation of projects has to follow strict rules to ensure correct implementation of the European Union financial regulations and rules of application, the grant agreement signed with the European Parliament and CMC’s own internal control rules and procedures. It is very important to note that we should to avoid any potential conflict of interest during the development of the activities.