“We believe in the right to self-determination as an alternative to globalization” Antonia Luciani op-ed

Secretary General of Coppieters Foundation speaks at online conference on Monopolies and Oligopolies, a peril for European Economies in the XXI century"

News / 27.1.21

Antonia Luciani, Secretary General of Coppieters Foundation, has recently contributed to the online debate on “Monopolies and Oligopolies, a peril for European Economies in the XXI century” a joint initiative by Coppieters Foundation and Fundació Josep Irla.

We have seen how, at the European level, the European Commission has tried to address the issues of privacy and monopolies in the past.

However, Big Tech companies and big corporations continue to use their lobbying power to push back against public control on their activities.

But this debate is not new, it’s actually been discussed and theorized in the past, it becomes more complex when transactions and prices are set in “data” rather than currency but we should still try to understand how it impacts our lives as citizens, users and consumers.

The debate on monopolies and fully functional economies gains extra relevance when considered at a global scale and in a multifaceted manner.

We at Coppieters Foundation have developed research in the past on these topics from different angles.

In our papers and studies we have looked at several labour market regulations and how to improve regulations to minimize precarious jobs and protect precarious workers, looking at examples and best practices from well-developed, Northern European economies.

We have analysed and made practical recommendations to the EU on taxes to financial transactions, similar to the Tobin tax.

We have looked into the EU Budget and how the economic integration process, especially after the EURO more than 20 years ago has impacted territorial and regional inequalities and wealth distribution in Europe.

Coppieters Foundation is a think tank recognized by the European Parliament

We believe in Free Alliances among social and civic actors to share and promote values of solidarity among peoples of Europe.

We believe in the right to self-determination as an alternative to globalization and the basis for building alternative models of economic governance. To an extent the response to the 2007 economic crisis – based on bank bail outs forfeiting social cohesion, social progress and social rights is due to the public powers giving up their democratic sovereignty in favor of the economic powers.

It is in this regard that we welcome initiatives that contribute to fairer societies that take into account diversity and protect minorized languages and peoples.

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