Antonia Luciani elected as new President of Coppieters Foundation

News / 02.11.23

We are honoured to announce that the Bureau of Coppieters Foundation has elected Antonia Luciani as new President. The decision was taken by unanimity in a meeting on 13 October 2023 in Strasbourg.

Antonia Luciani was previously Secretary-General of Coppieters Foundation from June 2019,  while she was already Vice President of the Foundation and Board member since 15 February 2014.

She is a representative of the Corsican weekly newspaper Arritti, a founding member of the Coppieters Foundation. Moreover, she is the Executive Councillor in charge of culture, heritage, education and training for the Corsican Government. Previously, she was City councillor at Osani’s municipality, and spokeswoman & international affairs correspondent for Femu a Corsica. She holds a degree in Geography with specialisation in urban planning.

The position of President of Coppieters Foundation involves the representation of the organisation as well as engagement in the strategic developments and decision making in administration, personnel, and financial elements. Antonia will lead the Foundation with the support of Xabier Macias and the rest of the Bureau.

Her mandate expires in 2026, when elections to renew the mandate of the Board of Directors is scheduled.