“An internationalised Europe will be stronger”, Josep Bargalló argues

News / 13.12.13

On October 25, Josep Bargalló, vice-president of the Fundació Josep Irla spoke with the Centre Maurits Coppieters as a result of the publication “Globalism versus Internationalism” written by Isidor Marí, Santiago Castellà and himself, which was presented at the conference under the same name which took part in Barcelona.

There is a big ongoing debate between homogenising globalisation (which already appears to be an outdated concept) and internationalising diversity (fully renovated and renovating).  Mr. Bargalló stated that we shouldn’t confuse the two terms at stake: globalism on the one hand and internationalism on the other. A key element for the future of the European integration is to preserve one’s self-identity while we recognise the diversity of the others.

“An internationalized Europe will be stronger, whereas a globalized Europe will have no future” he concluded.