“We support the Right to Decide” said Jill Evans

News / 08.11.14

Jill Evans intervening at the Right to Decide Conference organised in Barcelona by the Centre Maurits Coppieters and the Fundació Irla the 17th October 2014 talked about the Right to Decide.

With her contribution she expressed the importance of the different ways of looking at the processes of writing “our own Constitution” when a consultation is called to promote the people’s Right to Decide.

Jill Evans emphasized the attention which should be dedicated on “how referenda should be conducted” in order “to ensure that people make decision on their own future”.

-“It is very important for us in Wales as things in UK change”- she added, because in the present situation “we move to our self-government and ultimately I hope independence”.

In Catalunya the debate is actually taking place and Jill Evans, acting as international observer in the referendum, stated that: -“They are going to vote and we are supporting them and learning from them”.-