ImagiNation – 100 years of visual political communication on self-determination

Papers / 26.10.17
ImagiNation – 100 years of visual political communication on self-determination

The book invites the reader to embark on a fascinating excursion into the visual history of self-determination. ImagiNation chronicles political struggles of minorities, autonomist, regionalist and pro-independence political parties from all over Europe over the past decades. The posters tell a story of political and democratic battles that have driven these movements, from the liberation of political prisoners in Corsica to the ‘Yes We Can’ campaigns in Scotland and Catalonia.

The reader will discover through the medium of political posters the histories, shared values and possible futures of parties and research foundations dedicated to the idea of a Europe of free and diverse peoples. Posters are divided into ten central themes – from self-determination to linguistic justice, from social justice to gender equality – written by experts, scholars and activists, champions of the right to self-determination.

Self-determination is a fundamental collective right, so essential that it cannot be ignored. Our movements are firmly in favour of Europe, a Europe in which diversity is truly respected, a Europe of regions and peoples. Europe is a mosaic of stateless nations, regions and minorities: the beauty of this unique mosaic lies not only in its big pieces, but equally, in its smaller ones.

If there is one message we would like the reader to walk away with, it is that Europe is the home to many peoples, histories, languages and cultures, all of which are important and part of Europe’s DNA, a heritage we should all be proud of and which this book helps us (re)discover. We should all be able to decide on our future, to imagine another Europe together based on mutual respect, dignity, equality and sustainability.

̶   François Alfonsi, President of the European Free Alliance, Max  Zañartu, President of the European Free Alliance Youth and Xabier Macias, President of the Centre Maurits