Which Federalism for Europe?

Papers / 18.3.15
Which Federalism for Europe?

The authors of this paper, Antonello Nasone and Attilio Pinna, reflect upon the idea, principles and origin of federalism, both as a philosophical and a political concept.

They take the abstract notion of federalism and contrast it with the current European Union architecture and functioning.

Professor Nasone and Pinna use some very concrete examples of policy developments at a European level like:

(1) the response to the financial and banking crisis stared in 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the subsequent real state bubble burst that triggered an unprecedented economic recession

(2) the reaction to the 2014 Scottish referendum of self-determination and Catalan independence movement

(3) the German reunification process of 1989-1990,

to show that there is a long road ahead achieving a more advanced form of European Federalism.