Monopolies and oligopolies in 21st century Europe

European market competition in an increasingly digitalized economy. Addressing the threat of large corporations to competition and prosperity.

Papers / 25.10.22
Monopolies and  oligopolies in  21st century Europe

Monopolies and oligopolies have for many years been a persistent fact of life in the European economy. The problem is by no means peculiar to
this part of the world, and is repeated everywhere a market economy is in place. In any case, whether because of the characteristics of certain
sectors of activity, or because of the decisions taken by the governments of the day, the truth is that many markets in Europe have traditionally been submitted to the power of large corporations, the interests of which have often diverged from those of the societies in which they operate.

Today, large corporations continue to dominate certain markets, some new and some traditional, although the way they hold this power has changed over time, with the degree of regulation, and ultimately the structure of the markets themselves.

Market power was previously exercised in a more direct and undisguised way, often in an environment lacking regulation. Today on the other hand, the mechanisms are much more subtle, to the point that consumers are often not fully aware of the extent to which their decisions are not strictly their own but are, to the contrary, conditioned and guided by others’ interests.

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