Ideas for Europe #3

Papers / 06.1.16
Ideas for Europe #3

The third Centre Maurits Coppieters’ newsletter “Ideas forEurope” gives an overview of the latest activities of the Centre. It presents some opinion pieces on the most relevant challenges Europe faces, namely the refugee crises, the Brexit referendum and how to keep human and minority rights in the forefront of the political debate.

It features articles by Centre Maurits Coppieters President, Xabier Macias; Johanna Green, Program Manager of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation; a piece by Roccu Garoby, President of the European Free Alliance Youth, and an article by Antonello Nasone, researcher of the Istitutto Camillo Bellieni on the future of European Federalism.

As customary, it includes a section with the best tweets spotted online, this time from the Welsh MEP Jill Evans, Greens leader Ska Keller, and our partner think tank CIEMEN, among others.

An interview with the co-chair of the European Parliament Intergroup on Traditional Minorities, National Communities and Languages, Jordi Sebastià, on the priorities of the group and how it is pushing the case of diversity and respect for minorities in Europe.