Rights of peoples in Europe

Understanding our past to face our future.

Events / Sat 07 Jul 2018

Current debates around sovereignty are deeply rooted in our collective past and can find their origins in XIX and XX century Europe. Understanding the creation of our national identities and governing structures will help us to better face our current challenges and design our futures.

“Rights of Peoples in Europe” is a series of 4 events to debate the following topics:

  • Sovereignty in a multilevel world
  • Decentralisation and devolution, and how to advance in the
  • Protection and promotion of diverse identities


19 April 2018 / University of Santiago de Compostela

17:30 - 20:00
National identities in the XX Century

Welcome word:

  • Francisco Jorquera, Presidente of Fundación Galiza Sempre.


  • María do Carme García Negro, Advisory Scientific Council member of the Coppieters Foundation.

Keynote Speeches:

  • Dr. Giovianni C. Cattini. Professor at Universitat de Barcelona.
  • Dr. Eduardo José Alonso Olea. Profesor at Euskal Herriko Univertsitatea.
  • Dr. Uxío – Breogán Diéguez. Professor at Universidade da Coruña.

7 July 2018 / Fundacion ONCE - Rua Canton Grande; A Coruna

10:00 –14:00
Building Europe alongside europe’s peoples. A case for collective rights.


  • Albert Noguera. Profesor of Constitutional Law. University of Valencia.
  • Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez. Expert on National Minorities and editor of the “Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe”
  • Encarna Otero Cepeda. Historian.
  • Luis Gonçalvez Blasco, “Foz”. Linguist. Member of the Galician Academy of Portuguese Language.

Moderation by:

  • Ana Miranda, MEP Greens EFA

25 July 2018 / Espacio das Ideas – Festigal. Santiago de Compostela.

Right to decide for Europe’s peoples. Democracy and social justice at the forefront.


  • Ana Miranda. Member of the European Parliament for EFA and BNG.
  • Josu Juaristi. Former member of the European Parliament for EH-Bildu
  • Jordi Sole.Member of the European Parliament for EFA and ERC.
  • Megan Fearon, Member of the North of Ireland Assembly for Sinn Fein and spokesperson for gender issues.

Moderation by:

  • Marga Do Val, Advisory Council of Fundacion Galiza Sempre

5th October 2018 / ONCE, A Coruna

Sovereignty: an alternative model to rule of the markets.

Panel 1 – Sovereignty: an alternative model to rule of the markets.


  • Carles Sastre. Secretary General of Confedereacio Sindical Catalana (CSC)
  • Adolfo Munoz. Secretary General of Euko Langileen Alkartasuna (ELA)
  • Pablo Carril. Secretary General of Confederacion Intersidical Galiga (CIG)

Panel 2 – Advancing towards a feminist democracy: Sovereignty and emancipation in Europe


  • Jule Goikotxea. Political Science professor at  UPV/EHU

Panel 3 -Sovereignty and the proletariat: Retaking what’s ours from malfunctioning capitalist structures and the networks of patronage.


  • Andres Piqueras. Sociology and antropology professor at Universitat Jaume I

Moderated by:

  • Susana Mendez. Secretary General of CIG



Do you plan to attend? Please RSVP via info@ideasforeurope.eu. No registration fees.


Languages Portuguese (Galician) and Spanish. There will be no interpretation at these events.

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This conference is a joint initiative of Fundacion Galiza Sempre, Fundacion Moncho Reboiras and Coppieters Foundation.

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This conference is financially supported by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not liable for the content of the conference or the opinions of the speakers.

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