Paths of independence in Europe

Events / Fri 22 Mar 2024

On the occasion of the 742nd anniversary of the Sicilian revolution of the Vespers, this event will focus on the right of self-determination of Sicilian people from an international perspective, presenting the third edition of the conference “Paths to independence in Europe”.

The event, co-organized by the Trinacria movement, this year will see the collaboration of Coppieters Foundation, and the Dialogue Study Center, involved in the study and report of  dynamics and events of the Euro-regionalist world.

With the advent of the upcoming European elections, it is important to bring to the center of this year’s round table what is a key theme of the EU policies: the preservation and revival of local identities. For years, in fact, we have been witnessing a reinvigoration of feelings of rediscovery and pride in local identities, especially in those stateless nations that do not find a voice and space for expression within the borders of the nation states in which they are inserted. Popular movements in protection of languages, local customs, traditions, along with demonstrations against centralist policies, against disintegration of the identities of individual peoples, and reflections of academic studies must be accompanied by a political vision that gives voice to these demands, asserting itself in the state and international political arenas.

What kind of Europe do we envision? What role can its institutions play in defending our demands for self-determination? How do we place ourselves within its institutions?

This is what we will talk about during the conference “Paths to independence in Europe 2024 – Reclaiming identity, becoming a Nation”: delegations of parties and movements from all over Europe fighting for recognition at EU level and national self-determination will meet in Sicily, at the headquarters of the Sicilian Regional Assembly, to share perspectives and exchange views on what is happening in our present, tracing another trait in our paths towards national self-determination.

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This event is financially supported by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not liable for the content of the event nor the opinions of the speakers.

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This is a joint event of Coppieters Foundation and Trinacria movement.

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