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Events / Fri 10 Dec 2021

Through a joint initiative CIEMEN, Coppieters Foundation, and Fòrum Sobiranista propose an international training and capacitating seminar on different topics considering their relation with the European environment in a broad sense. The aim is to provide academic and formative resources to the attendees to promote debate, the exchange of ideas, and to generate shared knowledge around topics such as feminism, the management of linguistic diversity and of territorial conflicts, trade unionism, and the rise of the extreme right in a European and global framework.

The subjects treated will be specifically linked to the opportunities and limitations of the European institutional environment. Nonetheless, the topics will also be tackled through the different internal social realities of each nation, state, or people and how sovereignty must interact with these realities on a multilevel scale. To this end, speakers have been carefully selected so that through the combination of their debate it will be possible to generate useful communicative products that can serve as formative elements for the future.


10 December 2021

Seminar opening
  • Miquel Rosselló, President of the Fòrum Sobiranista
  • Lorena López de Lacalle, President of EFA
Panel 1: Towards an Intersectional Feminism from a Transnational Perspective
  • Tània Verge, Minister of Equality and Feminism Generalitat de Catalunya.
  • Alícia Villar Aguilés, Feminism Lab of Nexe Foundation.
  • Neus Tur, Political Scientist and PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies at UIB.
  • Ainhoa Etxaide, Head of the Feminist School of LAB.

Moderated by Reis Gallego Perales, General Director of Educational Innovation and Ordination.

Panel 2: Pending Challenges in the European Articulation of Trade Unionism

Dynamics and interventions by the Forum’s trade unions:

  • Beatriu Cardona, Intersindical Valenciana.
  • Koldo Saenz, LAB’s international relations.
  • Xavier Antza, Manu-Robles Ajangiz Foundation.
  • Ester Rocabeyra, Intersindical CSC.
  • Anxo Igrexas, CIG Representative.

11 December 2021

Panel 3: Europe as a Facilitator in Conflict Resolution? Advantages and Disadvantages of a Clarity Framework

Workshop and group dynamics, by:

  • Zelai Nikolas, Eusko Ikaskuntza.
  • Mario Zubiaga, UPV / EHU professor.
  • Amalur Álvarez, Gure Esku Dago.

Moderated and presented by David Minoves Llucià, CIEMEN.

Panel 4: Challenges in the Protection of Linguistic Diversity: New Tools for New Communicative Realities

Interventions by:

  • Özgur Günes Özturk, Cooperative Sociologist at Col·lectivat.
  • Paul Bilbao, Kontseilua.
  • Marcos Maceira, A Mesa Galega.
  • Agustina Vilaret, Balearic Government Language Policy Director.

Moderated by Anna Oliver, Acció Cultural del País Valencià President.

Round Table: Between Territorial Representation and Collaboration in a Shared Sovereign Agenda

Interventions by:

  • Àgueda Micó, Secretary General of Més-Compromís.
  • Jon Iñarritu, Deputy for Bildu.
  • Marta Rosique, Deputy for ERC.
  • Olalla Rodil, Deputy for the BNG.
  • Vicenç Vidal, Senator for Més per Mallorca.
  • Mireia Vehí, Deputy for CUP.
  • Pilar Gonzalez, Senator for Adelante Andalucia.

Moderated by Amadeu Mezquida, Nexe Foundation.

Presentation of the Report "Facing the New Far Right in Southern Europe"

Interventions by:

  • Idoia Arreaza, author of the report.
  • Sandra Llano, Board member of Fòrum Sobiranista.
Closing words
  • Gonçal Grau i Muedra, Nexe Foundation President.
  • Xabier Macias, Coppieters Foundation President.

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When:  10-11 December 2021

Where: Hotel Borgia, Av. de la República Argentina, 5. Gandia, Valencian Country

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Please note this is an invitation only event.


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This event is financially supported by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not liable for the content of the event nor the opinions of the speakers.

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This is a joint event of Coppieters Foundation, CIEMEN and Fòrum Sobiranista

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