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The possibilities of decentralisation for green and sustainable policies in Europe

Events / Fri 06 Oct 2017 19:30

In cooperation with EFAy, its member party Joves PV-Compromis, EFA, Federation of Young European Greens, and the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, our foundation organised a three-day event from the 6-8 October 2017 to shed light on the possibilities of decentralisation for green and sustainable policies in Europe.

The event consisted of debates, capacity-building trainings and learning-by-doing activities, which focused particularly on three main topics that have a special significance in the Valencian Country: sea pollution, renewable energies and urban agriculture. We also compared different cases and shared best practices of ‘green nations’ in Europe, such as Friesland, Brittany, Basque Country, Galicia, Andalusia, Catalunya, Aragon, Wales and Cornwall, among others.


6 of October

Welcome words
  •  Víctor Medina, from Joves PV – Compromís
  • Paula Espinosa, from Joves VQ – Compromís and FYEG
  • Max Zañartu, from EFAY
  • Àgueda Micó, from BLOC and Compromís
  • Elena Cebrian, Valencian Minister for Enviorment
  • Joan Ribó, València’s Major

7 of October 2017

Session 1: Impact over lake ecosystems
  • Raquel Romero, el Palmar’s mayor
  • Javier Jiménez, biologist and member of Acció Ecologista – Agró
  • Lucia Moreno, member of Acció Ecologista – Agró
Session 2: Renewable energy and the sun tax
  • Henk de Vries, professor at Rotterdam School of Management
  • Elise de Groote, researcher of Coppieters Foundation
  • Salvador Moncayo , from Plataforma Nuevo Modelo Energético
Boat trip along the Albufera
Round Table: Climate change, COP23 and agriculture
  • Florent Marcellesi, EFA-Greens MEP
  • Jordi Sebastià, ex-EFA-Greens deputy and Compromís member
Outdoor performance: Plastic Sea

8 of October 2017

9.30 - 10:30
Biking from València to Bonrepòs i Mirambell
Welcome words
  • Maria Josep Amigó, vice-president of the Regional Council
  • Rosella Antolí, Bonrepòs i Mirambell’s Major
Round Table: Agriculture and food sovereignty
  • Marian Campello, Joves PV – Compromís deputy at Valencian Parliament
  • Unió de Llauradors

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When: 6-8th October 2017
Where: Valencian Country


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This conference is financially supported by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not liable for the content of the conference or the opinions of the speakers.

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This conference is a joint initiative of EFAy, Joves PV-Compromis, EFA, Federation of Young European Greens, the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament and Centre Maurits Coppieters.

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Photo by Kwame Anim on Unsplash.

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