Feminism on the Peripheries of Europe

Events / 25.6.16


Europe, and our world as a whole, is structurally and institutionally unequal. Gender inequality is one of the most important socio-economic issues we face and one of the greatest inequalities that lies at the heart of almost every society. The aim of this conference will be to educate and engage young people of Wales and beyond on inter-sectional feminist issues within a Welsh, European and wider context.

Our conference will aim to be as inclusive and extensive as possible by focusing on various topics that fall under “feminism”, and how this issue is addressed in particular in diverse and complex societies in Europe. Whilst analyzing the different situations of women in the peripheries of Europe, we will also assess the concept of “feminism” in regions and stateless nations, seeking to deconstruct the myths that still plague feminism as a movement and as an ideology.


Day 1 – June 25th 2016

10:00 Welcome words

Jill Evans, Member of European Parliament (Plaid Cymru), Vice-President of the EFA Group
– Angharad Lewis (Plaid Ifanc), Fflur Arwel (EFAy) and CMC representative

10:15 PANEL I: What is Feminism? A Welsh Perspective / Beth yw Ffeminstiaeth? Safbwynt Cymreig

Chair: Fflur Arwel (Plaid Ifanc)
– Professor Jane Aaron, University of South Wales
– Non Mererid Jones, PhD student at Bangor University
– Dr Dawn Mannay, lecturer in Social Sciences at Cardiff University

11:20 Break

11:30 PANEL II: Double Discrimination and Intersectionality / Anffafriaeth ddwbl

Chair: Angharad Lewis (Plaid Ifanc)
– Dr Lucy Taylor, Aberystwyth University
– Hanna-Marilla Zidan, Finnish-Palestinian activist
– Liz Musa, BAWSO

12:45 Lunch

13:35 Panel III: Women in Public Life

Chair: Elyn Stephens (Plaid Ifanc)
– Leanne Wood, Welsh politician (Plaid Cymru)
– Natalia Pinkowska, European Free Alliance Bureau Member (Silesia)
– Sahar Al Faifi, Assistant Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Wales
– Johanna Green, Program Manager of UNPO

14:55 Break

14:05 PANEL IV: Gender Identity

Chair: Nia Webb (Plaid Ifanc)
– Karen Cooke, LGBT+ Enfys
– Mabli Jones, Stonewall

Day 2 – June 26th 2016

10:00 WORKSHOP I: Bodily Autonomy / Awtonomi corfforol

Screening of the documentary “Vessel

The film is about doctor with an unconventional solution: providing safe abortions on a ship in international waters, thereby circumventing local laws. It’s a thought-provoking film following Rebecca Gomperts’ creation of Women on Waves and its transformation into a global movement. The film depicts the complicated and sometimes devastating nexus of politics, law and media on one side, and the potential of feminist (extraterritorial) activism and self-determination on the other. (Trailer)

11:30 Break

11:40 WORKSHOP II: Language and Sexism / Iaith a Rhywiaeth

Led by Mariana Diaz, student specialising in Linguistic Studies

You can read the full program in .pdf format here.


When: Saturday and Sunday 25-26th June 2016, from 10:00
Where: Chapters Arts Centre, Canton (Caerdydd / Cardiff), Wales


This will be a multilingual event with interpretation available. Interpretation will be provided in English-Welsh (as well as Spanish to English).


If you are attending outside Wales or the UK please remember to register here.

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Join our Facebook event page and contribute to the debate by using and following the twitter hashtag #FPE16. During the film screening, you can also connect with FB/Twitter of @vesselthefilm. For any queries, please email info@ideasforeurope.eu.


Media inquiries can be addressed to info@ideasforeurope.eu or via Twitter @IdeasForEurope

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This Conference is financially supported by the European Parliament. The European Parliament is not liable for the content of the conference or the opinions of the speakers.

This conference is an initiative of the Centre Maurits Coppieters, European Free Alliance Youth and Plaid Cymru Ifanc.