Conversations on Mainstreaming Feminist Policies

Events / 06.12.22

“Feminist policies perfect democratic processes”

For the third and last video of our online series “Conversations on Mainstreaming Feminist Policies” we had with us special guest Nina Bernarding. Nina is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy. She leads the Centre’s work on peace and security, covering topics ranging from arms control and disarmament to cyber peace, and the “Women, Peace and Security Agenda”.

It was an honor to have her as our last guest and get her views on the implementation of feminist policies, its benefits for democracy and the obstacles on its way to become mainstream.

What are the ways in which the integration of feminist policies can positively impact the democratic process?

Do those trying to promote and implement gender mainstreaming policies face any kind of resistance?

In what way political structures and authorities enable and/or obstruct women to generate, sustain and control the mainstreaming of feminist policies?

Episode 3 with Nina Bernarding - Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the Centre for Feminist Foreign Policy

“Women’s rigths need to stay high in the political agenda”

Jéromine Andolfatto is our second guest speaker for the online series “Conversations on Mainstreaming Feminist Policies”. Jéromine joined the European Women’s Lobby as a Policy and Campaign Officer in September 2021. She is responsible for the women in decision-making portfolio and focuses on advancing gender mainstreaming in EU policies. Some of the specific topics she works on include parity democracy, the Women on Boards Directive, the EU elections.

It was an honor  for us to speak with her about the need for equal representation and the work of women’s civil society organizations

Why is pushing for equal women’s representation at decision-making positions still needed at EU level?

In the recent period we have been witnessing a progressive shrinking of the space for women’s rights: what do you think are the causes of this situation?

How are women’s civil society organizations opposing this situation?

Episode 2 with Jéromine Andolfatto - Policy and Campaigns Officer at European Women's Lobby

“There can’t be real equality without equality of representation”

This is the first video of our series of online conversations held with experts on feminism.

What is the current state of play in Europe when it comes to institutionalizing feminist policies?

Which are the main challenges facing the institutionalization of feminist policies in the European Union?

How can we make sure that the feminist policies implemented are truly intersectional, and do not overlook the needs of women belonging to minority groups? What is the role of civil society in framing a more feminist institutional agenda?

These are the questions driving this edition of the Coppieters’ Conversations.

Our first guest speaker is Jill Evans. Jill worked for the National Federation of Women’s Institutes in Wales and later for CHILD – The National Infertility Support Network. She was Chair of Plaid Cymru 1994-96 and was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999 – one of the first two MEPs in Plaid Cymru’s history. She was then re-elected to the European Parliament in 2004, 2009 and 2014. She is currently vice-president of the European Free Alliance and Member of EFA Women’s Forum.

It was an honor to have her as our very first guest, and discuss with her on the topics of gender equality and gender based violence policies in the EU.

Is gender-based violence still central in the discourse at EU level? 

What should be prioritized from an institutional point of view, in light of  extraordinary situations like the COVID pandemic and emerging challenges such as  climate change and digitalisation ?

What  is the most compelling issue to address at this stage when it comes to gender mainstreaming?”

Episode 1 with Jill Evans - EFA Vice President and former MEP


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